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Thread: Salsa !! Wow !!

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    sojourner Guest

    Default Salsa !! Wow !!

    I love salsa, but am getting real tired of spending up to $4.50 for those little 1-pint tubs in the grocery store. So, been working on a homemade recipe, and wow ! just today got it ! ,,,,bingo ! Tastes just like the store-bought,,,not too spicy (I have been through a bushel of tomatoes and various peppers, which all turned out to be WAAAAY too hot,,,,so settled on the canned green chilies.) I wrote down exactly what I did, and underlined the ingredients for shopping list. Been working on this for several weeks now.....
    I just ate a ton of it,,,,don't need dinner now. Threw in a shredded carrot for some color and more nutrition.....ENJOY !!!


    Salsa (makes about 4 pints)

    In Cuisinart, chop 3 very large tomatoes, or
    6 roma tomatoes. Don't need to peel, just cut out the stem area.
    Place colander over large bowl and drain, saving the
    juice to drink….(real good with a little salt added)

    Meanwhile, put in the Cuisinart,
    ½ green pepper
    1 stalk celery
    6 scallions with some of the green part.

    Chop these fine.

    Shred one carrot.

    Chop some fresh cilantro, making finely chopped about 1/3 cup.
    (ok to use the stems,,I do…waste not, want not)


    In a separate smaller bowl, combine:
    1/3 can tomato paste (the small 6-oz. Can) freeze the rest in the
    can for your next salsa.
    1 can (4 oz.) chopped green chilies, mild.
    do not drain. (Mexican section)
    2 teaspoons red wine vinegar.
    Juice of ½ lime.
    ½ teaspoon crushed garlic (the kind in the jar)
    2 teaspoons light olive oil.
    2 teaspoons sugar.
    1 teaspoon salt.
    ¼ teaspoon pepper.
    ¼ teaspoon oregano.
    4-5 shakes Tabasco. or more if you want spicier.

    Add this mixture to the mixed vegetables and stir all together.
    Enjoy !!

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    No2Flesh Guest


    sounds great!

    Ive been making some homemade salsa lately too but its pretty lame.
    I might try yours.

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    Mmmm... I can hardly wait to try this!

    My family SO enjoys a great salsa! (Let's see... I'll need about a gallon... )

    Thanks for posting! I'm making my grocery list now!

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    Wow - this looks to be just about perfect. Seems to have all the right ingredients that I would be looking for!! Thank you!!!!!

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    Here...but not really.


    Sounds good!

    Here's my version, though I can only give ingredients and rough amounts...CA style

    I make only enough for a few days...

    4-5 roma tomatoes
    3-4 green onions
    a big handful of fresh cilantro
    1 clove smashed garlic
    3-4 slices of pickled jalapenos, from a jar

    Chop above ingredients in food processor, as chunky as you like, pour into a bowl, and season with:

    EVVO (enough to taste)

    Adjust the seasonings according to taste, and let it sit a few minutes so the juices blend.
    Honest...this is really good. My seven sons love it, along with everyone else.
    It takes less than 5 minutes to make...
    When the boys and their families are around, I triple the amount

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    I also have a version of home made salsa... this one is delish! the cumin really makes it taste great

    6-8 Roma tomatoes diced small
    1/2 small red onion also small diced
    2-3 cloves garlic minced
    pickled jalapeno rings to taste minced (I use 4-5 seeds removed)
    parsely or cilantro to taste chopped (I prefer parsely)
    juice of half a lemon
    salt, pepper and cumin to taste

    mix all together and chill for a few hours... stir and enjoy!

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    You can buy this at most grocers or walmart, etc and it is the absolute BEST tastiest salsa I have ever made- never will do my own spices again! Everyone raves on it. I chop my own tomatoes but you can use canned. I chop fresh onions & green peppers and use this mix. You can adjust the hotness factor by adding more or less tomatoes. I bet you would love it- better than restaurants!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sojourner View Post
    I have been through a bushel of tomatoes and various peppers, which all turned out to be WAAAAY too hot,,,,so settled on the canned green chilies
    Did you every try Poblanos? They have the mildest heat of any 'hot' peppers commonly available, especially if you are careful to remove the seeds/membranes.

    Plum tomatoes are the best choice, IMO, due to their low water content. Add fresh Cilantro, salt, a dash of ground cumin, some Red onions and some fresh Lime juice. A few grinds of black pepper for a slightly different kind of heat.

    Its not like store-bought because it isn't cooked. More like a Pico. I can eat it by the bowl-full.

    FWIW, I like store-bought 'medium' salsa when I do buy it that way
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    I am with you on the price Sojourner, of salsa. It is outrageous, beyond belief.

    And you have it, home made. Nothing like homemade salsa.

    I see several have the home made down pat too. My oldest brother brought me some home made about 6 months ago and it was amazing. He gave me the recipe and now I have home made salsa always in the house. And it cost next to nothing to make. For a 112th of what I paid for store bought, I can make a batch that is 4 times larger than the jar from the store.

    And that is what I munch on during the say. Because to me, home made salsa is the peak of foods. Especially snack foods. Give me fajitas and home made salsa, and I need no other food. LOL
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