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Thread: Truly disgusting. I won't be back to Seattle if I can help it after this!

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    ZeldaMcDuck Guest


    I can't imagine anyone is ever prosecuted under this rule. How do you determine the intent of the nudist? Unless he says something obscene to you (and you have witnesses with you) as he goes by nude, I don't see how it could ever be proved that he's going naked to offend vs. going naked to be "one with nature" or whatever garbage reason he gives. This is silly and wrong.

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    I'mready Guest


    I probably shouldn't say this - forgive me if it is offensive to anyone -- but you can usually tell the kind of people(liberal/conservative) in a State by it's COLOR on the election map.

    Of course not All people are that way - some states went Blue by less than 1%.

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    truthseeker815 Guest


    One thing's for sure- it sounds like they're still definitely "sleepless"....

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    Apr 2007


    This really bothered me too. I had no idea that the rights of families and children were so far down on the totem pole in some of our cities.....I would guess its somewhat similar in San Francisco.......

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    Heffer Wolfe Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Holy_Loved View Post
    Maybe parents need to teach their children to point and laugh.

    Seriously, liberals have become emboldened ever since the election knowing they can do anything they want with impunity knowing the authorities, starting with the White House, is one of them. But where's the outrage from other sectors of society?

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    antitox Guest


    The whole world is becoming a loony bin. Seattle has lost all manner of sensibility. Glad I don't live there, and don't ever want to.

    I figure America is losing it's heart a city or state at a time. Just a matter of time before the infection spreads completely.

    Though many woes are on the way and Bammy's in the saddle, there is still a chance that we can slow the decay if we get a true conservative in office in 2012. I know it's kinda far-fetched, but I haven't completely lost hope. Not saying that couldn't happen either.

    But these brazen bozos on bikes is enough to make one shudder. Actually, it infuriates me.

    There have been numerous times where I have asked God why some of these wierdos got created, but I don't have His capacity or perception and don't have His visibility.

    Nevertheless, it's difficult to reconcile such outlandish, quack audacity.

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    markofthebest Guest


    This is is much more the norm in Europe - they slid down the slop long ago. We were's just hard to see the Country you love trashed by perversion. But it's okay, we know how the story ends.

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    Abiding Patience Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Kate View Post
    Never thought I would say that I appreciate the cold weather up north here. I do now, it's too cold to run around nude.
    You never heard of a polar bear run?
    Oh, never mind. those college boy were wearing shorts

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    queengina66 Guest

    Mad words cannot describe


    And here I heard Seattle was Beautiful I don't think so

    Could you imagine how ackward and intimidated molested children feels when they see this; further more anyone that has had a sexual crime commited against them. It's almost like re-victimizing them.

    As in the days of Noah(wicked,evil,sexual immorality)


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    RuthD76 Guest


    Oh Really, can they get any crazier over there. You know it's not all that warm in Seattle right now. Was in that area last weekend and it was very wet. Rain, rain, and more rain. I have been gone from that area for about 20 years, but go back to visit quite often. People there have changed a lot, things have grown exponentially (sp). Sometimes I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the "crowded rat syndrome". Glad that I live on the east side of the mountains now, most of us are still a little "redneck".

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    Robert Guest


    Cold, wet and rainy, along with naked people?

    Can you say "smurfs?"

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    MrAllen Guest


    Once again the majority must suffer at the hands of the minority.
    I wonder what kind of diseases these nudist are washing off in the
    fountain for others to get.
    I bet none of the nudist/ exhibitionist had children with them on their
    bike ride. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

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    NewWorldOrder Guest


    Come Judgment Day, they'll be looking for something to cover their nakedness, and they will not find it. They will be exposed beyond imagine.

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    Robert Guest


    Seattle and San Franciso are beginning to resemble Sodom and Gomorrah.

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    How is this different than a flasher? I think we need to teach our children to point, aim, and fire (not really but come on, if it's disrespectful and sick, you're protected by the law? Evil is good, arrgh). :

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    Lainy68 Guest


    I'm a nurse and I'd worked in a setting where mental confusion was the norm--so nudity probably doesn't affect me as much as the population as a whole. When I saw the bare backside of a fairly large bicyclist, I laughed thinking he was drunk or something of that nature and I called 911 to keep him safe. (Riding a bike drunk is the same as driving drunk.) That would be the reasonable thing to do, right? Nope, I was informed--quite curtly--that he was a straggler that lagged behind a larger group of naked bike riders. MY BAD.

    I'm glad that my kids weren't in my car with me that day.

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    mercyandgrace Guest


    This is just messed up.

    They want diversity? They want to live their lives as they see fit?

    I am so glad I live in the mid-west.

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    MrMannn Guest


    I watched the report. Nude adult men deliberately walked among children.
    I'm calling this a pedophile precedent. Step by step they are legally placing themselves closer to your children.

    If you live in a liberal stronghold like this, I would not let your children go anywhere public unattended...Not even teens. In Vermont molesting a child is treated like a misdemeanor.
    Every day, this world grows darker. Trim your lamps, buy extra oil, and watch for the Lord's approach.

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    Itiswell Guest


    Anyone notice in Mark 5, after the demon possessed man is healed, he gets dressed:

    15When they came to Jesus, they saw the man who had been possessed by the legion of demons, sitting there, dressed and in his right mind; and they were afraid.

    Lainey68 is right, typically those who undress in inappropriate situations are small children (who don't know any better), or those with a mental illness, or dementia. Typically responsible citizens that are mentally stable do not engage in that sort of behavior - perhaps because that is one of the laws written in our hearts.

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    Joe Valentine Guest


    I live in Seattle about 5 blocks from where that event took place... this is in a neighborhood called Capitol Hill which is one of the biggest homosexual communities on the west coast and is an extremely liberal neighborhood (the only reason I live here is because of school) so it doesn't surprise me at all. All those nudists were probably homosexuals.

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