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Thread: Is the Elks Lodge a cult?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzardhut View Post
    The Elks Lodge would be nothing without the Moose Club
    I see your Moose Club and raise you one Caribou club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzardhut View Post
    The Elks Lodge would be nothing without the Moose Club
    Some info on both.

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    What about the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge No. 26? This is the lodge Fred and Barney belonged to. I knew there was something shady about that Barney Rubble!

    I don't think Christians should belong to secret organizations either.

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    As a child, the BPOE Elks sponsored our little league team, our BSA troop, and numerous activities. Like any community orginazition, it is only as good as the people involved.

    Often clubs sponsor bars, trips (Vegas, AC) and sports related gambling. If you dig deep enough, you may find roots in the prohibition era (speakeasies).

    Often you find people who just want to get awayfrom it all for a little while. Sometimes they offer venues for first aid/CPR training, community services, and promote patriotism. From my memory there were Masons in the Elks, but Elks were not Masons.

    Again any club is only as good as the members. If you find the club/its activities objectionable, steer clear.

    The neon Pabst Blue Ribbon sign works for me - (Closed venue)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomSki View Post
    Who is the god the Elks require you to believe in? If a Muslim joins, is his god the same god all Elks acknowledge? The Freemasons require the same thing to join, but the spirit whom the Freemasons honor as "god" is not the God of the Bible. Christians are not brothers to Muslims, Hindus and pagans - our God is not their god, too.

    The Elks have an altar which they lay the Bible, just as the Freemasons do - from what I've been reading, they, too, have rituals and handshakes - yeah, what is so secret about it?
    There is no altar in the club where I go. Would you like to stop .....
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    Secret societies are all cut from the same die
    seen one, seen em all
    not for born again believers

    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine2777 View Post
    I"m asking because I know about the masons but what about the Elks Lodge? Does anyone know? We saw the "secret meeting room" and it gave me the creeps. Maybe its nothing.. I would prefer to find that out but something tells me, 4 permanent throne like chairs facing each other in a square with a "table" at the center and a few other things I wont mention.. my discernment meter went off but I could be very wrong.

    Anyone know about them???
    Even the Lutherans are wary about them.
    That should tell you enough

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