The Computer Contest

One day Jesus and Satan were arguing about who had the greatest computer skills. They argued and argued. When they had drawn a crowd of onlookers and were still going at it hot and heavy, the angels-- fallen and not--started to take sides and make bets.

Well God had had quite enough of this and decided to intervene. He told Jesus and Satan that there would be a programming contest between the two that would settle the argument of who was better.

They both began programming day and night to win the contest. They were at their computers for an eternity when ZAP came a flash of lightning from God and their screens went blank.

The day of reckoning had come. "Well, let's see what you have done", said God. So, Satan reboots his computer calls up his program and the screen is blank. Nothing! He turns, smiles and looks at Jesus.

Jesus reboots his computer, calls up his program, and an infinite universe appears: Colorful, luminescent, in breathtaking 3-D, with populations of people and animals, building, working, eating, loving, giving birth, and dying.

"THAT'S NOT FAIR," shouted Satan.

"Oh, yes it is," God said, "Jesus saves."